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May 31, 2019

May is Celiac Awareness Month and I am pleased to be collaborating with the Canadian Celiac Association to produce podcasts to support their theme of “Beyond the Gut”.  

The CCA hosted a conference on The State of Celiac bringing together researchers, doctors, dietitians, food producers, influencers and others who had a stake in the future of celiac disease and the gluten free diet.  I was fortunate to attend this event and was able to have short interviews with some of the speakers and attendees.  During this last week of Celiac Awareness Month, the podcast will consist of five interviews each highlighting one of the speakers and topics that I found of interest. 

We are all looking for a better treatment for Celiac Disease.  The gluten free diet is effective, but as we’ve seen it’s not a completely gluten free diet because of test restrictions etc., and it is difficult.  The research panel at the State of Celiac event had a presentation on a new treatment for celiac that is currently in clinical trials.  The more I learned, the more interested I became.  My conversation on this episode is with that panelist, Kristen Neff of ImmunsanT and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to ask her more about their research and a potential therapy.


For more information on celiac disease and the gluten free diet please check out the CCA website at


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