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May 15, 2019

May is Celiac Awareness Month and I am pleased to be collaborating with the Canadian Celiac Association to produce podcasts to support their theme of “Beyond the Gut”.  This episode is a discussion with Dr. Moshin Rashid, MD, Med, FRCP (C), Professor of Paediatrics Gastroenterology & Nutrition at Dalhousie University and after many years on the Professional Advisory Committee of the CCA is now serving on the Education Committee of the CCA.

Dr. Rashid gives us a comprehensive overview of many of the non-gut-related symptoms that patients present with prior to a diagnosis of celiac disease.  We also have a discussion regarding other conditions associated with celiac disease.  Both the symptom and associated conditions lists are long, giving way to the current length of time for diagnosis.

You can find out more on the CCA website at

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