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Mar 13, 2024

I recently realized that although many of the people I speak with have been involved in the celiac and gluten free community for many years, I wasn’t well acquainted with the families of the newly diagnosed. When I operated my bakery, I was often the first celiac that people met after their diagnosis – it appears doctors were sending them my way. Since closing the bakery, I’ve built on my knowledge, but I must admit, I need a new perspective on what it’s like to raise a celiac child today.

Ellen Bayens ( was kind enough to introduce me to Kelsea. She is a mom of a busy 10-year-old boy and can clearly remember what life was like before, during and after the diagnosis. Our conversation centres around the diagnosis and how the entire family was affected. I hope to have Kelsea on again to explore more aspects of being a parent to a celiac child.  Hopefully, I’ll speak with her son at some point as well.

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