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Feb 28, 2024

It’s time to catch up with Ellen Bayens of for the beginning of March 2024. I have the opportunity to review some of the articles Ellen has brought to our attention over the past month and ask questions as well as interject my own thoughts.

We talk about a line of granola snacks and breakfast s foods that recently had their “gluten free” designation removed because the manufacturer is no longer using gluten free oat products. As consumers we must accept this as a business decision, but the concern of both Ellen and I was the lack of awareness with consumers of this big change in ingredients.

Ellen brings to our attention a couple of food recalls by Health Canada of foods containing undeclared gluten. You can sign up to receive these alerts and specify which ingredients you are concerned about on the recalls and alert page -

Ellen includes an interesting article about a young professional hockey player and his journey with celiac disease.

Of a more concerning nature is the article about a very specific form of cancer which is more common in celiacs and is on the rise. We discuss some of the statistics and if you should be concerned yourself.


• PRANA Organic Withdraws Gluten-Free Certification from 2 Breakfast Product Lines
• Celiac Hockey Players Makes Reference to Pucks
• Concerning News for Celiacs - Cases of Digestive Cancer Increasing
• Indian Heritage Brand 'Soya Chaap' Recalled due to Undeclared Gluten
• Delizia Vegetarian Beef Balls Recalled due to Undeclared Gluten


• New Chapter for Kinnikinnick Foods
• Fibre Ideas from Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet
• 'Eating Windows' with Intermittent Fasting

• What I Wish More People with Celiac Disease Knew

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