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Jan 17, 2024

On this podcast I speak with Dr. Diana Mager. Dr. Mager has been on the podcast previously while she and her team were working hard to formulate a Food Guide for Celiac Children and was soliciting input from parents across the country. The Food Guide is now available and that gives me a great opportunity to invite Dr. Mager back to ask her some questions on the team’s findings as well as how parents can both get and use the Food Guide and its related resources.

The Gluten Free Food Guide is freely available for download to anyone who would like to access it via:

Dr. Diana Mager will be providing free education about the gluten free food guide in a webinar with Celiac Canada. You can find out more and sign up for the webinar at:

You can stay up to date with the ongoing release and education sessions as well as the current food insecurity survey by following Dr. Mager’s  Instagram (@conquer_celiac), X (@conquerstudies) or visiting the team’s website at

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