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Jun 27, 2018

Margaret Dron is the Founder of GF Events Ltd. which mounts annual gluten free expos. Currently, plans are for one in Vancouver and one in Calgary on the following dates:

Calgary - October 21-22, 2018

Vancouver – January 12-13, 2019

Recently, Margaret has undertaken the publishing of a gluten free magazine called “Gluten-Free Canada”.  The magazine was published twice in 2017, and made available free of charge at health food stores throughout the country.  A third edition of the magazine is currently in the works.  Although you can no longer get a paper copy of the first two magazines, you can access both online.  The articles and photography are well worth the read.


You can find more information about the expos at

You can find the magazine at

You can follow Margaret on Instagram @glutenfreeexpo and on twitter @GlutenFreeExpo1.

You can reach her by email at