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Aug 31, 2022

The beginning of September means I have the opportunity to chat with my friend Ellen Bayens of  On this episode we talk about strategies for parents and teachers to be on the same page about the celiac student and their needs during the school year.  Ellen has some great suggestions.  We also talk briefly about a student exchange program and the person in charge of the special diet requirements.  I hope to speak with her about this interesting topic on a separate podcast very soon.  In science news, researchers have come up with a tool to help doctors determine the risk of celiac disease to some of their youngest patients, and it turns out the gut microbiome has lots more to tell us, and this time it’s about the very specific differences in the small intestine, depending on where the same of the microbiome was taken from.  These advances in science will hopefully mesh together to allow for a better diagnosis rate in the future.

Ellen and I talk about some of my recent podcasts including the story telling author Ann Campanella in her book Celiac Mom (  Ellen also comes clean about her interest in my co-host Arron’s ongoing journey after bariatric surgery. 

Seasons are changing and Ellen fills us in on where the food trucks go, as the weather gets colder.

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