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Aug 17, 2022

I’m thrilled to speak with Ann Campanella about her book Celiac Mom.  Ann’s daughter was diagnosed at the age of 5 many years ago.  Ann reflects on her struggles as a parent of a celiac.  Her flair for story telling is often vivid and pulls at our heart strings.  Being a parent of a celiac child, we often find ourselves very protective.  This approach can take many forms, so each family’s story is different.  Ann draws us in with the detail that I’m sure her daughter has long since forgotten, but stays with parents as they navigate these troubled waters.  Ann talks about dealing with schools, choices of friends, and the good and bad about family vacations.  You can find out more about Ann and order her book in either digital or paper form on her website or on Amazon.  Ann is an accomplished author and shares more about her other works on her website as well.  Links are also on her website to her various social media accounts.

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