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Mar 9, 2022

I’m welcoming back to the podcast Dr. Melissa Ing who is a well accomplished dental educator with a specific interest in celiac disease.  Dr. Ing shares with us the information she presented in two lectures at the recent Chicago Midwinter Conference.  Her first lecture was titled “Celiac Disease, Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity and Your Dental Patients”.  The second lecture was about nutritional influences on oral and systemic wellness.  Melissa is very much into the “Mouth-Body Connection” and teaching a whole-body approach to dental professionals.  In 2020, Melissa put together articles she wrote for the CCA’s Better Living Gluten Free Publication on Oral Health.  Here is the link to that publication –

This is the article Melissa suggested you might want to share with your dental professionals to help them learn more about celiac disease.


Melissa has been a guest on two episodes of A Canadian Celiac Podcast -

Episode 106  Celiac Disease and Dental Education

Episode 169  Celiac Disease and the Dental Office

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