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Sep 1, 2021

It’s the beginning of September, so it’s my opportunity to speak with Ellen Bayens of The Celiac Scene about the studies and articles she has found over the past month to present to us.  We talk about a study looking at the gut microbiome of infants, in an effort to identify differences over time in the gut microbiome that later develops into celiac disease.  As well, we look at an article from Beyond Celiac that examines some of the perceived difficulties of the gluten free diet and how they might be a hinderance to adherence.  Ellen tells us of an adventure vacation that was very celiac safe.

Ellen has compiled a list of 10 products that might be helpful when the time comes to sending kids back to school with lunches.  Apart from the food, we also chat about the importance of kids being able to advocate for themselves and their diet, which brings up a short discussion about the stickers and wristbands available from Celiac Kid Stuff.


For the full articles, here are the links from

Do Changes in the Gut Microbiome Precede Celiac Disease?
When is the Gluten-Free Diet Not Enough?
Rave Review for Celiac-Friendly Wildcoast Kayaking Adventures


And here are links from Ellen’s list for school lunches.  The ones with asterisks are available online, the others are found at retailers everywhere.


Care Bakery 

Celiac Kid Stuff *

chef Pola’s Granola

Cloud 9 Gluten-Free Baking Mixes *

Corn Thins 

County Prime Meat Snacks 

Forno de Minas Cheese Rolls 

Glutenull Baking *

Gnu Santé gnubees Beverages *

Grimm’s Fine Foods 

House of Yee Gluten-Free Potstickers 

O’Dough’s Bread, Buns, Bagels & Muffins 

Royal Nuts Gluten-Free, Peanut-Free Nuts *

Stella’s Perogies 

Tilly’s Galley Soups & Rice Mixes *

Wendel’s True Foods *

Wise Bites Quinoa Snacks * 


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