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Mar 3, 2021

It’s the beginning of March and time again to talk with Ellen Bayens of to delve into some of the studies and information she has brought us over the past month about celiac disease and the gluten free diet.  Ellen and I talk about a new non-invasive patch that might make diagnosis of celiac disease easier and might be a great tool where patients don’t have access to sophisticated medical labs.  Also, there is a study Ellen has highlighted done in the UK looking at why the diagnosis of celiac disease is often missed or slowed and what steps could be taken to overcome these issues.  The necessity for a gluten challenge to diagnose those who have already started a gluten free diet has long been an issue for our community.  Ellen tells us that researchers are working on a test that might allow those already on a gluten free diet to still be properly diagnosed.  I was curious to learn from Ellen about one of the directions of research into Covid-19 that might have repercussions for celiac disease.  Long-haul Covid-19 patients are showing signs of an autoimmune reaction which the researchers find curious and may lead to more investigation into the triggers for autoimmune conditions including celiac disease.  Ellen and I always get around to talking about food and on this episode we discuss an article presented by Schar about wheat starch, which is common in Europe and not well understood in North America.

Microneedle Patch - Non-Invasive Biomarker May be Way of the Future

Medical Inertia to Blame for Delayed / Missed Celiac Disease Diagnoses

Test Could Preclude Gluten Challenge in Some Patients Who Have Already Gone Gluten Free

Something Celiacs Can Relate to: COVID-19 Virus May Prompt Body to Attack Itself

What is Wheat Starch and is it Safe for Celiacs?


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