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Oct 20, 2021

It’s great for me to have returning guests on the podcast.  Nicole Byrom RD, works with the Canadian Celiac Association as the Health Promotions Manager.  When I contacted her about coming back on the podcast, she had a list of things she wanted to inform listeners about.  The topic of arsenic in our food comes up often.  Nicole tells us why this is important to the celiac population and some ways to reduce arsenic exposure.  Nicole is involved in an upcoming webinar about Type I Diabetes and its relation to celiac disease.  There is a link below for more information on the webinar.


Since this is October, the topic of Halloween candy came up.  We both discussed how our celiac daughters were able to make the best of what could be a difficult situation.  Below is a link to the list of safe Halloween candy from the CCA.  Nicole filled us in on the growing practice of setting out “teal pumpkins” to signify that the house has non-food or allergen friendly treats to give away.


Nicole told us of the upcoming publications from the CCA as well she reminded us of the CCA Virtual Conference to be held on November 13th and 14th.  Below are links to sign up for the virtual conference, as well as to be on the email list for CCA publications.  It’s not too late donate to the teams from the CCA across the country running in the Scotiabank Run, as per the link below.  Nicole suggests you donate to her team BC CCA, as there is a bit of a competition going on.


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