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Nov 29, 2023

It’s the beginning of December, so that means I get to chat with my friend Ellen Bayens of This month Ellen and I chat about the two podcasts I did with Caleigh McAulay of Celiac Canada about current myths surrounding both celiac disease and the gluten free diet. Ellen received lots of response when she posted about this topic. As well we talk about the recent national conference from Celiac Canada and some of the new things we learned. We discussed wheat starch, whether it’s a concern or not, and note some supporting information from Selena De Vries. I have a great Christmas gift idea from Robyn’s gluten free baking courses.

Dr. Diana Mager from the University of Alberta is putting out a call to parents of celiac children to fill in an online survey for their new study. The link, QR code and information are below.

To watch the presentations from the recent Celiac Canada Conference you can go to their YouTube channel at

To find out more about Robyn’s aprons -

Here’s the link for Dr. Mager’s new survey -

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