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May 10, 2023

Happy May, Celiac Awareness Month!

At the beginning of each month, I speak with Ellen Bayens of to discuss articles, studies and topics of interest Ellen has presented to us over the past month. Of great concern to consumers in general, and gluten free consumers in particular, is the rising cost of food. In an effort to bring our unique perspective on these issues in front of lawmakers, Celiac Canada held a breakfast event on Parliament Hill recently. There are many aspects to the CCA message including the emphasis on the gluten free diet costing up to five times as much as gluten food, the unworkable tax relief that is not an effective solution as well as the lack of nutritional fortification in our gluten free processed foods.

Dr. Peter Green debunks six common myths of celiac disease. I found this particularly fascinating, as science will always win out these emotionally charged discussions. Ellen also brought us an article on new guidelines for physicians to diagnose and treat their celiac patients. Selena DeVries RD shares valuable information about over-the-counter allergy medications as well as her advice on digestive enzymes.

Ellen has done it again – she’s found new foods in her area. She not only found a cafeteria-style build your own pizza place, but also gluten free waffle cones.

Here are links to the articles we spoke about –


• The Struggle is Real. The Rising Cost of Gluten-Free Food
• Experts Bust 6 Common Myths about Celiac Disease
• Updated Guidelines for the Ongoing Care of Celiacs
• M&M Angus Beef Burgers Subject to CFIA Recall - Gluten


• Digestive Enzymes - Yay or Nay for Celiacs?
• Over-the-Counter Gluten-Free Allergy Medications - Adults & Children


• Introducing Pure Lovin' Chocolate Vegan, Gluten-Free Waffle Cones
• MOD Pizza Scores a Double Header on Vancouver Island

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