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Feb 16, 2022

This episode is a fun and informative conversation with two of my friends about Gluten Free Pizza.  Fortunately, my friends Ellen Bayens ( and Cinde Little ( are experts when it comes to ordering pizza in a restaurant and making pizza in your home kitchen.  Ellen gives us some great tips on the questions you need to ask to ensure your gluten free pizza is safe to eat in a restaurant.  As well, she gives us some information you can use to decide if ordering a takeout pizza is safe for you.  Here is the link to Ellen’s list of questions to ask and the Gluten Free Pizza restaurant she spoke about –

Cinde and I talk about some of the options available to you if you want to make a gluten free pizza at home.  There are premade pizza crusts, pizza dough and dough mixes.  Although each of these options may be gluten free, the best gluten free pizza crust will likely come after experimenting with different yeast-based crust recipes.  Techniques are very different from wheat pizzas and can often be best learned from a baking class.  Whether you’re baking your pizza in a very hot oven, on a pizza stone or steel, or on an outdoor barbeque, Cinde gives us lots of tips to make your best gluten free pizza.  You may want to join one of Cinde’s baking classes to gain some confidence and set you up for success with gluten free pizza.

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I mentioned my Gluten Free Cauliflower Pizza crust and you can see the video along with the ingredient list at the following link -

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