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Aug 4, 2021

I look forward to chatting with Ellen Bayens of at the beginning of every month to get caught up on celiac and gluten free news that has come to light over the past few weeks.  On this episode, Ellen and I speak about a press release from the UK regarding the price increase of rice flour and how it might affect gluten free food producers.  Ellen also tells us a diagnosis story from a family with a young daughter which highlights many of the frustrations felt by families with a sick child.  Both Ellen and I are excited to talk about a new venture we’ve started to support celiac kids and their families.  Our website has begun selling stickers and wristbands that let kids tell everyone around them that they are special, they are celiac, and they need to eat a gluten free diet.  The stickers and wristbands are aimed at kids from ages 4-12, as well as special stickers for caregivers to use when sending food to school or get togethers.  On a similar, but different note, Ellen and I speak about restaurants in her area.  There seems to be abundance of places to get gluten free fish and chips, or maybe I noticed this because its such a treat for me, and hopefully, other celiacs as well.  Ellen mentions a very clean brand of jerky that is well labelled gluten free and free from other additives.  Also, if you are in the Victoria area, we identify a discount you can get, just for mentioning


Soaring Cost of Gluten-Free Ingredients Could Trigger Price Hikes

Another Cautionary Tale of a Child’s Delayed Celiac Disease Diagnosis

Celiac Kid Stuff – stickers and wristbands

Enjoy Tacos at the Beach!

Introducing 100% Gluten-Free Bare Bones Fish & Chips in Port Alberni

900 Degrees Wood-Fired Pizza Flips to Gluten Free!

Pirate Chips Every Day - All You Can Eat

Rock Cod Cafe Now Almost 100% Gluten Free!

NEW! Introducing Country Prime Meat Snacks


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