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Apr 28, 2021

A Conversation with Lukas Hahn

This episode started from a discussion with Ellen Bayens of for the April roundup episode 166 when she told me the story of a student from abroad, studying in Victoria in a homestay program, who was having difficulty as she required a gluten free diet.  Ellen assisted in solving the problem, but it brought so many other questions to my mind about homestay and a special diet.  On this episode I speak with Lukas Hahn, Manager – Homestay Program, Greater Victoria School District, who helps organize both the students coming to study in Victoria, as well as the families they will stay with.  Lukas gives us a great perspective on the opportunities hosting a student gives a family and large community.  We discuss what a host family is required to do, some of the responsibilities and some of the perks.  We talk about the practical experiences of a foreign student on a gluten free diet, as well as how families who are already gluten free can be invaluable to the program.  

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