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Nov 18, 2020

On this episode I speak with a very enthusiastic researcher, Dr. Diana Mager, who is also a Registered Dietitian. Dr. Mager is working on a project developing a food guide for young people diagnosed with celiac disease.  This resource would take into account the special requirements of growing children and youth on a gluten free diet.  After working with families facing the diagnosis of a child, and requests from the celiac community, Dr. Mager has put together a team, and funding to develop the resources families need to cope in switching a child to a gluten free diet.  As part of the process, Dr. Mager is asking for Canadian families with celiac children to fill in a survey to help them finalize their food guide.

You can access the survey at

You can email the research group at

You can find Dr. Diana Mager on Twitter for more information @conquerstudies


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