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Sep 2, 2020

On this episode I have my monthly chat with Ellen Bayens of  Ellen publishes a variety of articles on celiac disease, gluten free foods and the gluten free lifestyle.  At the beginning of every month, she sends out a newsletter calling attention to some of her content from the past month.  That’s were we start our conversation.  This week we talk about a change in labelling from the FDC (US) regarding fermented as well as distilled foods.  We talk about a breakthrough in agriculture that is producing ultra low gluten barley called “kebari”.  Developing the grain is a challenge, but the next challenge is to have the grain designated gluten free.  We talk about Scientists in Saskatchewan who have examined wheat grown over more than 100 years to debunk the myth that it’s the “new” wheat that is causing more digestive problems linked to gluten.  Ellen and I are joined on the podcast by Cinde Little, The Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet to chat about her development of a one-on-one course to teach you all the practicalities of a gluten free lifestyle.  Ellen brings us up to date on the latest Musings by Mia – a recurring article about living gluten free as a 20-something.  Mia looks at eating gluten free at university and college.  Ellen also mentions Mia’s recent article that includes a scone recipe, which I will be trying in the next few days.  Ellen shares with us some exciting news about Portofino Bakery in Victoria.  The bakery has been carefully baking gluten free along with their gluten products for a few years, but recently they decided to establish a dedicated gluten free facility.  We look at how they had been making gluten safe products and what will change.  Lastly, Ellen shares some comments from an article she posted on facebook which originally came from entitled – “22 Diseases or Conditions that Require Celiac Screening”. This is similar to the “Could It Be Celiac?” list of symptoms promoted by the CCA during Celiac Awareness Month in May.  Ellen and I discuss hindsight as a diagnostic tool and how delays of diagnosis are almost inevitable when a condition like celiac has so many symptoms.  Below are links to the articles from

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