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Jul 1, 2020

It’s the end of June and the beginning of July – time for Ellen Bayens of to join me to discuss the current celiac and gluten free diet news.  With the Corona Virus stay at home gradually easing off in Canada, new studies and findings regarding celiac disease are few and far between.  As well, it’s not a good time for food companies to be introducing a new gluten free product into the marketplace.  Ellen does however have a couple of timely articles which we discuss regarding recent changes in food service labelling regarding foods labelled for the US, and an article written by Mia Kennedy about getting back out into social groups for pot lucks, barbeques and picnics, from the point of view of a 20-something celiac.

Here are the links to the articles and the contest from Grimm’s –

Hidden Barley! Heath Canada Relaxes Ingredient Labeling for US Products

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