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Jul 3, 2019

On this episode I have a fun discussion with Jessica Danford, known online as GFreeWifey.  I have spoken to Jess before about her efforts to assist foodbanks to supply gluten free food.  You can find that topic in Episode 48 of the podcast.  Jess has taken on a new project to produce a community cookbook and sell it to help raise funds for her efforts with foodbanks to provide safe food for all.  You can find Jess online at, where you can find a link for the book.  Otherwise you can order the book either in hard copy, or digitally at by typing in Jess Danford in the search at the top right of the homepage.  Thanks Jess for allowing me to contribute to the cookbook and I will now get working on providing the nutritional information for the recipes which she will share on the facebook page for the cookbook.

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