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May 31, 2024

It’s the end of May and I have another opportunity to chat with Ellen Bayens of to go over some of the articles and information Ellen has brought to us over the past month.

Ellen published an article about a young woman who posted online about a family situation in which she felt her needs to be on a gluten free diet were not being properly considered by other members of her family. Normally, we would side with the person who has special needs, but by reading more about the circumstances, both Ellen and I found fault in the attitude of the woman eating gluten free. You can read more in the link below.

We all know there are other medical conditions that those of us with celiac disease are more likely than the general population to have or suffer with. Ellen brings three such conditions that we should at the very least be aware of. Knowledge is power!

I mentioned again the recent podcast I produced with Avery about her mentorship program. You can find out more at

Both Ellen and I are big fans of Celiac Canada and we felt at the end of Celiac Awareness Month, it was time to suggest that listeners connect with the local Chapter that is closest to them. You can find out more at


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