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May 8, 2024

I often get emails from people I know within the celiac community regarding interesting people or medical professionals, who might make good guests for a podcast episode. It was during a conversation with Ellen Bayens of when Avery’s name came up. Ellen brought her to our attention recently. When I contacted Avery to record a conversation, we had to wait until she’d finished her final exams – that was a new one for me – and I was excited to hear her story and get the perspective of a high school student on dealing with celiac disease.

Avery had the idea of doing something to benefit the kids in our celiac community, but it took her years to formulate what that would look like. She has recently launched Celiac Chat which is an online mentoring platform to allow kids to speak to other kids, or adults who relate to their issues.

You can find out more, or fill in an application to be a mentee or a mentor at –

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