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May 1, 2024

After taking some time off to recuperate from knee surgery, I’m back speaking with Ellen Bayens of for the beginning of May to review some of the articles she brought to our attention over the past month.

If you’re interested in the Irish Tour, best make your inquiry quickly, as spots are limited – check out the link below.

Ellen and I spoke about an article written by a reporter in upstate New York regarding his experience eating gluten free in local restaurants. I found he was able to thread together a story that many of us can relate to – but he was able to articulate it so much better than I can.

Ellen shared with us the story of a home-based bakery on Vancouver Island with a difference. She also shares some great photos of his creations. Staying on the food theme, Ellen has provided us a link to a free recipe booklet from Corn Thins – I didn’t realize they were so versatile!


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• Reporter Navigates the World of Gluten-Free Dining
• Be Amazed by the Story Behind Nathan's Gluten-Free Bakery
• Corn Thin-Spiration Gluten-Free Recipe Resource

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