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Oct 5, 2022

This episode is my recurring opportunity to weigh in on information Ellen Bayens published on during the past month.  The challenge of finding safe french fries in restaurants is one that every celiac encounters, so Ellen and I both give our take on the subject.  We talk about the recent recall for M&M Foods along with their gluten free policies.  Island Farms, a dairy on Vancouver Island has recently decided to NO LONGER make their ice creams gluten free, so we look at the impact on the community.  An informative long-term study out of Norway looks at detecting celiac disease in the general population over time.  Arsenic, mercury and lead are all undesirable in our food, and the gluten free diet poses a greater risk of these substances showing up, but there are steps you can take.  We are all familiar with celiac disease, but do you know what makes either a wheat allergy, or non-celiac gluten sensitivity different?

The Canadian Celiac Association is requesting you take part in a survey – here’s the link - "State of Celiac Disease in Canada".

The CCA has recently launched a program to help the newly diagnosed.  You can find it online at -

Selena DeVries has a new online course to help you gain confidence when going out to eat.

Get on the Waitlist - Eating Out with Confidence Online Course 


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