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Aug 25, 2021

Some good news on this podcast from Julie Greene of the CCA and Marina Michaelides of Kinnikinnick.  Kinnikinnick has partnered with the Canadian Celiac Association in celebration of their 30th birthday.  Partnering with the CCA means helping them with ongoing special projects.  In this case, Kinnikinnick is sponsoring the wide distribution of the Growing Up Celiac book for families.  Additionally, they are hosting a contest for kids which will run for 30 days, with a terrific prize pack each day!  Kids are encouraged to go on the CCA website to enter (with a parent or guardian) by spotting the difference in two pictures – kids love to do that!  I am thrilled that Celiac Kid Stuff stickers and wristbands were chosen to be a part of the prize packs.


Kinnikinnick is also introducing some new products for their birthday, including three new flavours of Kinni-TOOS cookies.  Currently, if you place an order of a minimum $50 you get a box with all the new flavours together (until supplies last).  If you haven’t purchased from Kinnikinnick in a while you may not realize that they have switched most of their products to “free from” most of the major allergens including milk and eggs (they were always nut free).  If you enjoy Kinnikinnick foods, (and who doesn’t) now is the time to order while they are in a great giving birthday mode!


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