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Jun 30, 2021

On this episode I speak with Ellen Bayens of to discuss the many topics and articles she brought to our attention over the past month.  To begin the conversation, I invited Tamir Barzilai from the company  Tamir’s company is developing an app which will allow you to set a profile with your dietary restrictions, and give you specific meal suggestions at restaurants to meet your needs.  The app will be released in late summer or early fall, and will charge for use on a monthly basis.  Tamir invited our listeners to sign up for the app prior to release at a cost of $14 (US) to own the app for life, without monthly charges.  There are other advantages to joining the beta testing for the app when it releases.  Tamir explains what makes this app with artificial intelligence different from other data based and often crowd sourced information apps.  You can sign up as an early adopter for the app at –

Ellen and I go on to chat about three online medical resources that provide indepth information on celiac disease and other related gut health issues.  One of the resources compares celiac disease to IBS, a condition many of us have been diagnosed with.

Ellen and I talk about a recent article on money saving strategies for the gluten free diet, and a study performing a new type of mass screening of children in Italy for celiac disease.  As well, Ellen talks about our unique ability to host visiting students who require a gluten free diet.

Expert Tips on Saving Money on Gluten-Free Groceries
IBS vs CD | Similar Symptoms | Different Causes, Triggers & Treatment
Canadian Digestive Health Foundation | Celiac Disease Resource Gastrointestinal Society | A Resource for Celiac Disease
Study Makes Case for Mass Screening of Children for Celiac Disease
Ladysmith & Nanaimo! Would You Host an International Student with Celiac Disease?



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