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Jun 2, 2021

It’s the beginning of June and that means another informative conversation with Ellen Bayens of  This past month Ellen has brought us a great deal of information. We start out with a couple of studies, the first into attitudes among celiacs towards dating.  There is much hesitation, social anxiety and a tendency towards risky behaviour (gluten-wise).  Although Ellen and I are not in the target age group for this study, we can relate to many of the hesitancies from our own lives that are amplified in the dating scene.  The second study is an eye-opening look at the awareness of celiac disease in the dental profession.  Dr. Melissa Ing, whom I have interviewed for this podcast, surveyed a group of dental professionals before a celiac information session and then again after.  She was able to teach them a great deal in a short time regarding questions to be asked when certain symptoms are identified. 

Ellen has once again brought us new resources, we didn’t even know we needed.  Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto has come out with new teaching modules about celiac disease and the gluten free diet.  These modules are interactive and suitable for young children to do with parents, or for older kids to do on their own.  The information is set out in an easy to use format that would be useful to educate other family members and friends.  Ellen shows us a novel way to use the restaurant translation cards from  On a different level brings us an artificial intelligence solution to finding just the right meal at just the right restaurant to meet your specialty diet needs.  Ellen introduces us to Desiree Neilsen RD, who has started a new podcast called The Allsorts Podcast, in which she gets down to earth with practical diet knowledge that will help us all make better food choices.  She is a proponent of a plant based diet, and that suits Ellen just fine.

Two related topics are discussed – the 10 biggest challenges faced by the gluten free community, and how to order a gluten free meal at a restaurant.  There’s lots of overlap here.  Finally Ellen tells us about a study that is being done for US patients on atopic dermatitis, and you can get paid to participate.  So much news, I think this is my longest interview episode yet.  Thanks Ellen.

Here are the links to more information –


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