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Dec 23, 2020

I recently spoke with Dr. Jocelyn Silvester for Episode 149 of the podcast regarding the “Doggie Bag” Study which looked at the actual amounts of gluten that were contained in our seemingly gluten free diet.  Dr. Silvester has gone on to look at some of the everyday ways we handle our food to identify, then quantify the risks of contamination from gluten containing ingredients.  Her experiments included cooking gluten free pasta, sharing a knife with gluten foods, and using a toaster along with risks for children in the classroom.  The results of her studies are surprising and somewhat concerning.  The Canadian Celiac Association has looked at these findings and believes that more research needs to be done on this topic.  No one is ready to change the recommendations for handling gluten free foods to avoid contamination with gluten, but these studies do give us pause to think.  I was concerned about the interpretation of these results and decided to invite Ellen Bayens of onto the podcast to discuss how some of this information can relate to our day to day lives.  Ellen was able to help me put the study findings into perspective. 


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