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Nov 4, 2020

It’s the beginning of November and that means I can take time to catch up with Ellen Bayens of  Ellen and I discuss a couple of recent scientific studies, one to do with the gut microbiome of celiac patients and another about the early introduction of gluten to infants.  Ellen tells us about a new e-book from Teresa of Gluten Free KOB.

We continue talking about gluten free food as Ellen highlights the three-tier Gluten Free approach that M&M Foodmarket is taking to identify their gluten free offerings which include burgers, breaded foods and an extensive list of desserts.

More good news with gluten free comes from Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream as they announce 11 flavours of their ice creams are gluten free, as they continue to add the certification symbol to more and more flavours.

I also mentioned that there appears to be a lack of both white and brown rice flours available on the consumer market at this time.  I understand covid disruptions are to blame and over time the supply chain will catch up with our needs.

Here’s a list of links to from Ellen.


Celiac Microbiome Could be Rectified with Tryptophan & Probiotics

Introducing Wheat Early May Prevent Celiac Disease


KOB Gluten-Free Bakery e-Book – Extraordinary Muffins!

Understanding M&M’s 3-Tier Gluten-Free Policy

11 Flavours of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Certified Gluten Free


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