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Oct 14, 2020

This week I speak with Kerry Bennett of Care Bakery.  Kerry has a fascinating story of how she found out she needed to eat gluten free, then became a chef, then specialized in developing recipes for gluten free breads and eventually opened a commercial bakery.  Her bakery, Care Bakery specializes in providing top quality breads to restaurants and has also begun supplying stores, mostly in Alberta.  Kerry very recently moved to Toronto in an effort to increase her market presence.  Her success at the very large restaurant show in the early spring, gave her the leads and connections she needed to make the leap east.  Kerry was featured in an article in Alberta’s Culinaire Magazine and here is the link -

As well you can find Care Bakery online at –

If you go to the FAQ section on the website, you will see the underside of a bun with the leaf emblem to show the bread is from Care Bakery – something that will come in very handy as you begin to find Care Bakery bread in your local restaurants.


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