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Sep 30, 2020

I’m talking again with Ellen Bayens of about studies and articles she has brought to us during the month of September.  We talk about studies looking at nutritional deficiencies in the gluten free diet, IBS and Constipation in Children and how it relates to a diagnosis of celiac disease, and the development of a new test to confirm gluten sensitivity.  Ellen and I also have a lively discussion about food sensitivity testing, what it actually tells a patient, how results can be easily mis-interpreted as well as an uproar from many healthcare professionals about allowing the tests at all.  Our discussion centres around a CBC Marketplace episode featuring food sensitivity testing.  Ellen also mentions that Teresa of KOB Gluten Free is offering a Fall Baking Package, as well as a special group of Thanksgiving recipes.  All classes are virtual, on video and provide detailed instruction.

Nutritional Deficiencies Common in Gluten-Free Diet

Celiac Disease Linked with Increased IBS & Constipation Risk in Children
Experts Adamant IgG Food Sensitivity Testing Misused, Misinterpreted, Invalid
Gluten Sensitivity & Celiac Disease – New Biomarker Might Tell Them Apart

Marketplace Episode on Food Sensitivity Notes -


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