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Sep 16, 2020

On this episode I speak with Giovanni Angelucci, founder of Queen Street Bakery, a recent addition to the world of gluten free breads.  The breads are available across Canada in many of the major stores.  Queen Street Bakery was started with a mission to make healthier, good tasting, moist breads.  The nutritional labels tell a unique story of low fat, minimal sugar and lots of fibre.  The ingredients show some thinking out of the box with charcoal, grape skin flour and chicory root.  They even have a black bread and black pizza dough. 

Giovanni was kind enough to send a sample box to one of the co-hosts of my Gluten Free Weigh In Podcast, Carla, who shared a review with us.  Carla, who was inspired to use the breads in different ways, really enjoyed the different tastes, health benefits and fresh texture.

You can find Queen Street bakery online at –

They also have a very useful store locator at –

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