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Feb 5, 2020

Ellen Bayens and I have our monthly chat to catch up on all things new in the celiac/gluten free world.  This week, we try and understand some complicated scientific studies, to the best of our limited ability.  As well, we discuss the “quality of life” for newly diagnosed children.  An article by Selena De Vries enlightens us as to the reasons you might feel fatigued on the gluten free diet.  Lots of research and lots of good news!

Celiac Disease Research – The Good News Continues

3 Reasons You May Feel Tired on the Gluten-Free Diet by Selena De Vries, RD

Kids with Celiac Disease Report Lower Health-Related Quality of Life (reminds me of your interview with your daughter)

Bacteria May Trick Autoimmune System Into Targeting Gluten

Researchers Uncover Unique Biomarkers for Non-Celiac Wheat Sensitivity

I will be away from my home office for next couple of weeks and will do my best to prepare podcasts, but I fear that there will some down time.  Rest assured, on my arrival back home, I will continue to supply you with interesting interviews about all things celiac and gluten free.

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