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Sep 4, 2019

Blog Post for Ep#91 Celiac News Roundup for September with Ellen

It’s now the beginning of September, and I’m thrilled to be chatting again with Ellen Baynes of The Celiac Scene.  Ellen searches the internet (and everywhere else) to find informative articles and studies about celiac disease and the gluten free diet.  She summarizes them and passes them on to us on her website, on facebook and also in her newsletter. 

This week we chatted about –

The launch of a new app called My Healthy Gut

A new study that re-looks at the incidence of celiac disease in first degree relatives

A special requirement for volunteers at a Calgary Food Bank

A new blood test to look at the immediate effects of gluten on the bloodstream

Gluten Free meals for emergency or wilderness situations

How celiacs manage eating at fast food outlets

Suggestions for offerings at a new gluten free bakery

How to tell your new boyfriend that kissing after gluten has it’s hazards

Coffee shops offering gluten free snacks

You can find out more at where you can also subscribe to the newsletter.  The facebook page can be found at


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