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Jun 12, 2019

On this episode I chat with Mike Marshall, Chief Operating Officer at Only Oats.  Most of us are familiar with the bright blue 1kg bags of oats - rolled, quick, steel cut and flour.  Only Oats was a major sponsor of the State of Celiac events held by the Canadian Celiac Association in Toronto in May, Celiac Awareness Month.  Mike tells us why Only Oats is no longer Avena Foods, what has changed in the company and what has stayed the same.  He gives us a lesson on how Only Oats is using Purity Protocol to maintain a celiac safe product.  Mike also tells us of new stores currently, and soon to be, stocking Only Oats.  As well, he teases us with a few new products in the works using the trusted oat source.  For more on my personal story with oats, check out my blog at

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