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Apr 3, 2019

Have you ever been excited or anxious to fly, but then realized you still had to worry about what you’d be able to eat while waiting to board, or worse still what would happen if the flight was delayed and you're stuck beyond the security line with nothing to eat?  My guest this week, Lisa, has taken it upon herself to write to Customer Service at the Vancouver Airport to request more gluten free options.  We chat about her motivation, how the airport responded to her and a great example of how one airport is stepping up for gluten free food.  Lisa originally posted her letter to the airport on her facebook page and has since re-posted it.  You can find her on facebook @GFKetogirl.

Here’s the link to the Pearson Airport in Toronto webpage I spoke about -

Here is the email for customer service at Vancouver Airport YVR -

YVR also provided contact information for the airlines using YVR -

Here is the email to contact the Canadian Air Security Authority (CATSA) regarding questions about taking food items through security –

Here is a link to the list of solid food items CATSA permits through screening -

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