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Aug 29, 2018

This episode is a more like a tech review.  I look at three different apps that can be used to make our gluten free lives easier.  I review “Find Me Gluten Free” that allows you to find restaurants that have gluten free options on their menus.  You can also read reviews from other app users have been to each restaurant.  The second app I looked at was “Gluten Free Food Finder”.  This app lets you use your phone camera to scan the bar codes on different food items to see if they are gluten free or not.  It takes a bit of practice to use the app, but I found it very quick and helpful.  The information regarding the products is input by other app users, so when I found a product not in the database, I added it.  It was simple. 

The third app looked at the restaurants at Disney parks and properties.  This is a very useful tool for planning any trip to Disney, especially if you have a child eating gluten free.  There are lots of reviews as they relate to the presented menus and many tips from past guests.  The difference with this app is that only the gluten free options are presented, you don’t have to sift through the entire menu.  My daughter used this app and said – “An amazing app for a trip to Disney, so you can plan ahead and enjoy your day just as much as anyone else.  Easy to use, and constantly being updated.”

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