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Apr 3, 2024

It’s the beginning of April, which for me means that I get to chat with my friend Ellen Bayens of about interesting articles and studies she has brought to our attention over the past month. I had to record with Ellen prior to end of the March as I was preparing for knee surgery. Ellen kept posting and you can keep up with her work by subscribing to her monthly newsletter through her website.

Ellen and I both had copies of the recent booklet produced by Celiac Canada with the preliminary results from their recent survey. There is so much information in these numbers and the analysts have only scratched the surface. You can read these initial results or download the booklet at

Both Ellen and I felt my recent conversation with Linda Sills regarding retirement and long-term care for her celiac mother was concerning and something we should all be concerned about for our families and ourselves. Ellen mentioned a previous a podcast I recorded with Mike Rose about choosing safe retirement living – you can listen at - As well Ellen wrote an article about Mike which you can read here -

Ellen told us about a new online mentoring program for kids and teens that is being started – you can find out more here - Introducing Celiac Chat - An Online Mentorship Program for Kid & Teens  and hopefully I will speak with Avery for a podcast in the near future.

Villous atrophy is a term that many of us know from our diagnosis, but Ellen was able to show me an article that listed other conditions that may cause villous atrophy – and here I was thinking it was unique to Celiac Disease. Other Conditions that May Cause Villous Atrophy 

On a social media note Ellen told us of a situation at a local restaurant in Victoria that recently decided to remove a popular gluten free item from their menu. This was of course unfortunate, but the negative comments on social media that ensued were somewhat over-the-top. Ellen and I comment on the issues.

I mention that I recently attended a virtual class from Cinde, the I highly recommend these classes as we can all learn to make more gluten free options.

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