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Jan 31, 2024

Its the beginning of February which means I get the chance to speak with my friend Ellen Bayens of to discuss some of the articles she has brought to our attention over the past month. This month is focussing on gut health and those confusing supplements we are seeing everywhere that suggest some of our digestive issues can be solved with a pill that will improve our gut microbiome and in turn our gut health. Ellen breaks down all of the hype and wording around the supplements as well as the studies that are often quoted by supplement providers.

We also talk about the changes that have been made to the upcoming (May 2025) Gluten Free River Cruise that now starts in Amsterdam. You can find out more by contacting Dianna directly at I mention to Ellen some of the things that have been pleasant surprises for me while staying in Phoenix, Arizona, and we also talk about a new resource on Ellen’s re-vamped website.

Here are links to the articles from


• Does Science Support the use of Glutamine, L-glutamine, Collagen & Probiotics?
• Dietary Fibre - What's it Good For? You can also find a link here to listen to my podcast with Mairlyn Smith Ep 246
• Pour Through More than 1500 articles on The Celiac Scene!


Gluten Free Cruise Update
• Introducing Intermittent Fasting
• Food Guide for Celiac Children
• Kitchen Safety in Blended Families
• The Celiac Scene News Round Up

Selena, RD Instagram Corner

• Celiac Dieititian at Your Finger Tips - Tuesday Q & A
• 5 Signs & Symptoms that Your Gluten-Free Diet Needs Improvement

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