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Nov 1, 2023

It’s the beginning of November and that means I get to chat with my friend Ellen Bayens of about articles and studies she has brought to our attention over the past month.

Ellen and I talk about a recent study that shows an increase in women’s reproductive issues in the celiac population compared to the general female population. We also look at a presentation from the University of Chicago about DH and I, for one learned, some new facts about DH and how it relates to celiac disease.

We chat about the inconvenience of asking questions in a restaurant and if this explains why some people takes risks and chances. Ellen also brought us a very interesting webinar from Europe regarding questions to do with the new forms of biodegradable tableware that we are seeing in takeout containers and from food trucks. Is it safe? How safe?

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• Women with Celiac Disease have Higher Overall Rates of Reproductive Disorders
• Dermatitis Herpetiformis - How is it related to Celiac Disease?
• Van Isle Poutinerie Tells it Like It Is! Can Restaurant Fries Really Be Gluten Free?
• Biodegradable Tableware – Is Ingredient Labeling Becoming Necessary?

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