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Sep 26, 2023

It’s the beginning of October and my opportunity to speak with Ellen Bayens of to chat about the articles she has brought to our attention over the past month.

Ellen published an article about the delay in reading celiac diagnostic blood tests for children in Montreal. This was truly concerning. The family highlighted had introduced gluten back into their daughter’s diet as a gluten challenge prior to testing. When the tests were not processed and had to be disposed of to be re-done, the family was understandably angry. This situation, which is now being dealt with effected almost 3,000 blood tests for children. This gave Ellen and I lots to talk about.

On a different note, there is a shift evolving to have celiac disease in adults diagnosed from blood tests which show a multiple times above normal reading. This was begun a couple of years ago for children after a study showed it could reduce the number of children having to undergo a biopsy, but recently, it’s being shown that blood tests for adults with “extreme” results, can be used in a similar way. Hopefully this will lead to more simple protocols for diagnosis in the future.  

Ellen brings us a question to, and answer from, an advice columnist when asked about a friend who seems obsessively talking about her gluten issues. Are we being boring? How should we deal with friends and family who find our conversations limited and very narrow? As well, what strategies should we use when a friend or family member seems to only talk about their health issues? Lots of food for thought here.

Here are links to the articles Ellen brought to us in September -

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