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Sep 2, 2023

It’s the beginning of September and my opportunity to speak with Ellen Bayens of to chat about the articles she has brought to our attention over the past month.

On this episode Ellen and I speak about a few recent studies looking at the prevalence of autoimmune conditions, persistent villous atrophy, and how gluten actually triggers injury in the intestines. As well Ellen and I talk about an article aimed at physicians to help them support their celiac patients. We also discuss Meal Kits and how they might fit into your gluten free diet. Ellen has included a couple of links to some interesting recipes and I talk about my popular and easy and customizable granola recipe



• Autoimmune Diseases Continuing to Increase
• Wise Words: How Physicians Can Support Patients Living with Gluten Sensitivity
• Persistent Villous Atrophy Heightens Risk for Complications in Celiac Disease
• Food for Thought! Why the Meal Kit Market Continues to Grow
• Celiac Study Examines Exactly How Gluten Triggers Injury to the Intestines

Country Grocer Honours The Celiac Scene

• Gluten-Free Potato Chip ‘Krispie’ Treats by The Salty Cooker This one is insane! 
• 4 Iconic Gluten-Free Oat Recipes

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