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Jul 7, 2023

It’s the beginning of July, so for me that means another opportunity to speak with Ellen Bayens of to discuss articles and topics of interest Ellen has presented to us over the past month. It’s been a busy couple of months for both Ellen and I. She welcomed a new granddaughter and my daughter got married – we’re both still on a bit of a high!

Ellen and I spoke about the return of Only Oats to Canadian stores. The return will be gradual, but lots of work is being done to have the safe oats available across Canada. Ellen also told us about two brands of artificial crab that were improperly labelled omitting wheat and egg, so they appeared to be gluten free, but were not. We spoke about how gluten free consumers might approach this situation.

Ellen has had a long relationship with the restaurant chain Noodlebox, but recently it has become apparent that they are no longer able to ensure meals can be made gluten free. We discuss how this happened, and how you might may still want to work with your local Noodlebox location.


• Podcast Time! The Return of Only Oats to the Marketplace
• CFIA Recall - Undeclared Gluten - Kanimi AND Miyako Shredded Artificial Crab
• End of an Era for Noodlebox Restaurants & The Celiac Scene

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