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May 31, 2023

It’s the beginning of June, so for me that means another opportunity to speak with Ellen Bayens of to discuss articles, studies and topics of interest Ellen has presented to us over the past month. This month Ellen gave us a study that looks at the pattern of healthcare visits of someone not yet diagnosed with celiac disease. This is considered to be the “diagnostic window” and past studies have been able to help with speedier diagnosis once a broad pattern has been established. This is already being done for some cancers and is currently being studied as an approach to celiac disease, parkinsons and other digestive conditions. If physicians were able to identify the need for celiac testing earlier, we could all benefit. This promoted a discussion of the uses for artificial intelligence as a tool for doctors.

Ellen published an article titled “My Mother’s Long & Winding Road to Diagnosis”. This is a complicated story with many twists and turns, and it wasn’t until I reached the end of the article that I realized this was actually written by Ellen about her Mother. She showed such courage and grace during very difficult times. Ellen and I give a quick synopsis, but I encourage you to read the entire article. We then discussed how important it is to be positive about your diagnosis, which can be difficult at first, but should be a goal.

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Pattern of Health Care Visits Predictor of Future Celiac Disease Diagnosis?
My Mother’s Long & Winding Road to Diagnosis

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