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Feb 22, 2023

January was very exciting for me – I visited family in Australia!

I had an amazing time, my hosts were wonderful and worked hard to provide me with the full Australian experience.  As a celiac, I was very interested in the gluten free foods available in Australia – Wow! was I blown away by the multitude of options, the variety and the quality. In this episode of the podcast, Ellen Bayens of turns the tables and interviews me about my trip, how I ate and if I brought any goodies home with me.

Ellen has relationship with the company that produces Corn Thins for the worldwide market and they are located in Australia. Ellen was kind enough to set up a conversation for me with her contact at Corn Thins to discuss gluten free food production in Australia. You get to listen as Ellen and I find out some unexpected good news about what it means to call a product gluten free in Australia.

I don’t take many photos of my everyday life, but I do photograph food, and while in Australia I took some pictures that you have to see to understand and believe. Follow along with the podcast and refer to the photos on my blog at

PS – I threw in the photos of feeding kangaroos and cuddling a baby wombat.

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