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Feb 8, 2023

Time to catch up with Ellen Bayens of Ellen and I talk about a study that looks at celiac children with persistent symptoms after one year of being established on the gluten free diet. As well Ellen introduces a study in the form of online surveys to be taken by 8 – 16 year old celiac patients, in an effort to improve recommendations for celiac youth. Oats have been in the news lately and Ellen and I look at a study recognizing that some celiacs are not able to tolerate even pure oats. More investigation needs to be done on the cause of a reaction to pure oats, but this study hopefully is the first step to solving this issue. Ellen was able to bring us the story of a family suffering through the war in Ukraine with a sick child suspected of having celiac disease. The family is now in Boston, with the help of The National Celiac Association in Massachusetts. This prompted Ellen to mention a company she’s worked with called TOTAL PREPARE that makes freeze dried meals which can be used in case of an emergency, when camping, or when you’re struggling otherwise for basic necessities, as are parts of Ukraine currently. Ellen directs us to the company’s gluten free webpage -

Ellen and I recapped my recent series of podcasts about asymptomatic celiacs, including my opinion on what I learned from the conversations.

Ellen was happy to tell us that the Noodlebox restaurant chain from BC has now opened a location in Ontario, west of Toronto. As well she was able to share some of the lengths that MeeT Vegan & Vegetarian restaurants go to in order to offer gluten free on their menu.

Selena DeVries, RD is offering her course “Gluten Free Eating Out Masterclass” free of charge. Sign up to receive the recording at

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Noodlebox Opens 30th Restaurant - Stoney Creek, Ontario

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