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Jan 25, 2023

During the month of January, I’m presenting stories of individuals who consider themselves asymptomatic with Celiac Disease. On this episode I speak with Jill, who is one of those rare individuals who is biopsy confirmed with celiac disease but has no digestive issues when eating gluten. Listening to Jill I began to understand the difficulty she encounters when making food and lifestyle choices. Those of us with celiac disease know we must eat a gluten free diet, and if we don’t, or aren’t careful, we will suffer noticeable and often life disrupting discomfort. Jill, on the other hand has no digestive, or other issues if she eats gluten. Some may consider this a best-case scenario, if they slip up, or if they accidentally ingest gluten, they won’t even notice. However, this dream scenario comes with its own negative side. Jill struggles to commit to the diet on a long-term basis, even though she knows she should. Jill enjoys going to restaurants and, like the rest of us find requesting gluten free to be a hassle, but unlike the rest of us, she won’t suffer from being glutened, at least not in the short term.

I try to discuss the issues without making Jill feel guilty for slipping from gluten free, and we come up with some strategies going forward to make the diet something she can make a long-term commitment to.

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