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Jan 8, 2023

It feels like a bit of a milestone Episode 250, and it’s most fitting that I’m speaking with Ellen Bayens of about news and our views that have come up during the past month, getting us all ready to take on 2023.

Ellen and I chat about resistant starches and I learn that my love of leftovers is actually a good thing.  We also look into the CCA Position Statement on Corn products and how it should help us in making safe food choices.

We also talk about some of my recent podcasts including a bonus episode on the Gluten Free Weigh In Podcast where each of my co-hosts gives their take on New Year’s Resolutions. Sidenote – Aaron has a very educated view on behaviour changes that goes way beyond a once-a-year decision.  My podcasts for January will focus on people who consider themselves asymptomatic, or at least differently symptomatic.  I’ll be travelling in January, so hopefully this series of podcasts will come out weekly, but at this point my schedule is somewhat unknown, but I will give it my best attempt.

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