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Sep 28, 2022

Two weeks in August was the culmination of a many hours of work by dedicated volunteers to make Camp Celiac 2022 happen.  I was a member of the Menu Committee and along with others we worked and re-worked a menu for the camp that would be exciting for celiac and non-celiac kids alike.  The force behind camp celiac is Carmen, a member of the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association.  Carmen spent the most time of the two weeks at camp.  I, and a few others were there for designated days.  Once the hard work of the menu was completed, we reached out to gluten free food partners to supply some of the specialty food.  Our food partners were amazing with their donations, that allowed us to present meals that were enthusiastically enjoyed by all.  For more information on Camp Celiac you can go to their website  You can also join the Camp Celiac facebook group.  If you’d like more information on volunteering for next year, or if you are interested in what it takes to start a camp for celiac kids near you, please email me and we can start a conversation –

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